Your club's reputation affects the spectator turn-out at your home matches. The following factors effect the reputation:

  • The maximum reputation for a club is 100.
  • Each win in a league match earns 0.5 reputation points, while each loss costs 0.5 points. A draw has no effect on the reputation.
  • Friendly matches earn less reputation points, cup and relegation matches earn slightly more.
  • From your matches you can earn between 0 and 20 reputation points.
  • Up to 40 reputation points can be earned from your stadium complex. (One each for active luxury stadium pieces, and the luxury versions of the turf, parking and public transport. Up to 28 from the decoration buildings.)
  • Starting at career level 10 you earn one point reputation for each level, up to 50 points total.
  • Sometimes you can earn reputation points in special events (for example for beating the Top Team Germany)

You can see your team's reputation in the balance sheet of your stadium complex