Season goals

Once managers have played their first complete season, they have the option to set their own season goals in goalunited.


Every season managers can set up to 3 different goals to be reached by the end of the season. Season goals can be set under Career -> Season goals. Here you can set new goals, change goals you have previously set and check on your current status. Goals for the season have to be set until the third league match of the season, after that it is also not possible to change your goals anymore.

There are goals available in 3 different categories: League, Tournament and Miscellaneous. Each of the categories has a number of different goals with different difficulties. There are a total of 32 goals to choose from. You can only set one goal per category.
Setting a season goal costs a posting fee. For the first 2 goals per season you can choose to pay ingame money or GU STARS. The third goal can only be set with GU STARS.When you reach your set goals you earn valuable prizes, these can be booster packs, ingame money or GU STARS. The harder the goal, the higher the prize. You can collect the prize as soon as you reach the goal. (Depending on the type of goal updates may not be instant, so it might take until the next day, or until after the next weekly update.

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