It is important to always have the energy of your players in sight.

Player with lots of energy will play to their full potential at every effort level, whereas a player with little energy will not be able to hold up well in a high-effort match. Players with low energy (below 50) are also a lot more likely to get injured.

Using up energy

Almost everything your players do costs energy. Every regular training unit (expect relaxation) costs an energy point, so does every match (except United matches). Players lose a lot more energy when you let them play with high effort.

How much energy players need in a match is also based on their endurance level. An endurance level on 90 and above is considered ideal for a match. A player with only 5 endurance will use up 33% more energy than a player with endurance 90! The energy used (with endurance 90) and the energy needed to play with full efficiency is as follows:

  • 50% effort: 0 energy needed, ~1.4 energy used
  • 75% effort: 25 energy needed, ~3.1 energy used
  • 100% effort: 50 energy needed, ~4.9 energy used
  • 125% effort: 75 energy needed, ~6.9 energy used
  • 150% effort: 100 energy needed, ~9.2 energy used

Sometimes it is a good idea to give a specific player a break for a game or two to recover some energy. Otherwise you risk injuries.

Recovering energy

There are several ways to gain energy:

  • Every day your players gain a little bit energy. (However, the maximum energy level is 100.) However, the recovery rate is very low. It can be increased greatly with a physical therapist. The better the therapist, the more energy is recovered. If you have problems with your energy levels you should consider getting a better physical therapist, or to send yours for further training.
  • You can give you players a break from training and instead give them some relaxation time. Each unit of relaxation training gives your players a small energy boost.
  • On top of the normal relaxation training you can also play a relaxation trading card during training. Each card increases the energy of all of your players by 2, 4 or 6 (depending on the rarity of the card). The good thing about the trading cards is that you don't lose out on training sessions because of it.
  • Extra-Energy trading cards - There are two types of cards that can be played on individual players that will increase that player's energy: Extra-Energy * (uncommon) - Will increase the player's energy with +5 energy points, and Extra-Energy ** (rare) - Will increase the player's energy with +8 energy points.

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