Collecting achievements is a big part of the goalunited experience. You can start earning your first achievements right from the start, while advanced ones can take many seasons to earn. You will earn career points, nick names and sometimes cool items for your achievements.

To open the achievements menu go to the career menu and select achievements.

The first thing you will see is the summary of your already earned achievements and your overall progress. 


All achievements are either bronze, silver or gold achievement, based on their difficulty. there are also several "Absolute Pro" achievements. There are several categories of achievements, and each category also holds a "combo achievement" that is made up by a range of single achievements. 


Here you find everything related to your club and yourself, that does not fit into the other groups

Club achievements

Here you find everything about your finances, sponsors, staff and your stadium.

Team performance

Here you earn achievements for everything direclty related to your players and your team. This also includes transfers, your youth team and training

Sports success

Here you find all achievements that are earned by playing successfully in the different events. 

Absolute pro

Absolute pro contains awards from different game aspects. They are all relatively hard to reach goals, some of them taking several seasons even if everything goes perfect. 


Once you earn the first Absolute pro achievement you earn the absolute pro trophy. With each AP achievement earned the number on the trophy will go up.

You can earn achievements from just about every aspect of the game. It is best to just go through the lists to see all the the achievements you can earn and all the prices you can get!


Most achievements give you career points. Starting from as little as 5 points all the way up to 10.000. There are however a few other things you can earn:

  • Nick names - You as a manager can earn several different nick names though Achievements. You can select the nickname you would like to use on your contact page.
  • Trading cards - There are several achievements that will earn you valuable trading cards.
  • Trophies - You will earn cool trophies for the combo awards you can earn in the different categories. And of course, you can earn the absolute pro trophy. 
  • Additional squad slots - this is most likely the most valuable thing you can earn. There are 4 achievements that will earn you an additional player slot for your team. With that you can increase the number of players in your team to up to 26!

Triggering of the achievements

Some of the achievements trigger instantly, as they have a trigger that pushes it through.

Many achievements however do not trigger right away. This is the case for many of the match related achievements for example. Many achievements are paid out during the nightly update.
Please don't be impatient and wait at least until the next morning before you get worried. Please do not send in support tickets until you have waited 48 hours, the supporters will not be able to help you at that point yet and will tell you to wait 48 hours anyway.
Some achievements require you to first play one full season before you can unlock them.

Exceptions: There are a few achievements that ALWAYS take longer to trigger:

  • Hattrick and Runaway win always take at least 48 hours to trigger. Please do not send and support requests until at least 3 days have passed.
  • Investor always triggers on the following Monday. 

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