Sponsors agreements explained

Especially in the beginning sponsors are a very important source of income. Your club should always have a sponsor!

Every Friday a new sponsor makes an offer for an agreement with your club.
The value of the offer depends on the league layer your club is playing in and on the skill of your PR-Manager. Each offer consists of a weekly base pay that is credited to your account on Monday mornings, and a league point bonus, which is paid for each point won in the league. A draw in the league pays the bonus once, a win 3 times. It is credited shortly after the match is over. Each offer has a set duration for the agreement.


There are three different kinds of offers, each with different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Agreements with a high base and a low point bonus - Those agreements give managers a secured income as the base pay is guaranteed.
  • Agreements with low base and a high point bonus - Those agreements have a very high potential as each win in the league pays the bonus times three. They are risky though, as you only have a very low guaranteed income and if you lose more often than expected it can be hard on your bank account.
  • Balanced agreements with a medium base and also a decent point bonus - Those agreements still have good potential, but are not as risky as the points bonus oriented agreements.

Each offer that you receive is available for a few weeks, but you can only have 4 offers in your list at once. You can terminate the negotiations with any of the available offers to make room for new offers.

Make sure you compare the sponsors and negotiate good conditions before you sign an agreement.

Hint: You can purchase the Business centre upgrade for your club offices. This building upgrade gives you the option to switch each sponsor once, before or after your negotiations. The new sponsor offer comes with a different during and type. Additionally you receive a bonus of 5% for your PR-manager with this club office upgrade. 

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