How do I get STARS?

GU STARS can be purchased in the shop but also there are multple ways to earn STARS in game, i.e. for some countries there is an option to receive STARS through external promotions such as "Sponsorpay" or by winning Special united events, Int. Masters, and so on. To look at your options in the STARS shop take a look at the shop by clicking on the stars symbol on the bottom right of your screen.


In the shop you will see different size packages, and you can see all the payment options you have. The options are based on the league you play in. If that is not your country, you might be able to change the country on the bottom left to get the fitting options.

Credit card and Paypal always work, even if the wrong country is selected.

When selecting an option pay attention to the duration, some options credit the STARS instantly, with other options you might have to wait up to a few days.

Once you have decided on an option, click select. We work with highly reputable payment providers worldwide, and once you have selected an option, you will be connected to our partners' website.

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