United 1on1

United 1on1


It is possible to arrange single matches whenever you want. There are two different types of United-1on1-Matches:

  • Instant Match
  • Manual Match

Instant and Manual Matches can be arranged in ladder mode. So you can either play as a compeltely relaxed friendly match or you take the extra thrill and compete for ladder points.

United 1on1 Matches cost 100 GU STARS for each team. They can be arranged spontaneously over an automatic opponent search or as a private match. For a private match you will receive a 6-digit code just after creating the match. Simply give this code to your opponent. As soon as the code is entered, the match is created.

Participating with a code

When you receive a code, select "participate with code" and enter it on the page that opens. Before confirming the tab Participate on the lower right, you should check if the settings appeal to you. And keep in mind that your account will be charged 100 GU STARS for every 1-on-1 match.

Every match blocks a slot of 2 hours and 45 minutes. So, in case you already have any match at 6 pm, you cannot arrange another fixture for 8 pm - the first possible time would be 8:45 pm.

To participate in a Manual Match, the start time has to be at least one hour in the future. This gives enough time to set a formation. 

Instant Match

Instant matches are the easiest and quickest way to start a 1-on-1 match, as a match can start less than 15 minutes after creation time. It can be arranged as a public or as a private match.

Public matches are arranged by the system. It will look for an opponent that has started a public match with the same settings as you have. In case there are several teams to select from, the system will select an opponent with a team that has a similar strength as your own team. Generally this process will take less than 5 minutes.

When creating a private match, you receive a 6-digit code to give to another manager. As soon as the code is entered, the game is set up and the counter will start running.

Thus an instant match offers the possibility to arrange and play a match anytime and instantly - so you can see your team competing against other sides more often.

Note: Instant matches have a fancy timer in the top corner and the current results and match events are displayed (with a two minutes lag) and a link to the live ticker.

Manual Match

When arranging a manual match, you can set a start time - it hast to be at least 90 minutes in the future and as a maximum one week. You can schedule and manage up to ten of these matches concurrently. 

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