The goalunited Tell-a-Friend system is our way of saying thank you to all managers that tell their friends about goalunited. If you want to get awarded for bringing in your friends, make sure you use our Tell-a-Friend system!

Click on the megaphone icon on the right side of the screen to open the Tell-a-Friend menu.TAF icon

You can either send an E-Mail to your friends, which also allows you to leave a message, or you can select "invite by web-link" to receive a link to share with your friends.

You can check on your friends be selecting the "pending" and "accepted" menus. In the "accepted" menu you can also see which rewards you have earned so far.

And this is what you and your friends will receive as rewards:

  • As soon as your friend reaches career level 17, you receive a promo booster (not-tradable)
  • Once your friend reaches level 25 you receive an additional squad slot, plus we match all GU STARS that your friend has purchased until then. (max 5000 GU STARS)
  • Your friend also receives a Promo-Pack (As soon as he reaches level 25)

Note: You can receive maximum of 2 Squad slots from Tell-a-friend per club, which means that in grand total you can get 6 squad slots if you have 3 clubs at the time.
Squad slots are distributed starting from the club with the highest career level (main club) ending down with your 2nd or 3rd club with the lower career level. 
Squad slots from tell-a-friend are awarded only for friends that were invited after June 2014.

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