United season break events

After the last league match has been completed (League round 22.) season enters into its final days. This is the time when qualification for promotion/relegation starts, but not everyone participates in these matches, this is where season break united competitions kick in to fill the gap and make the season transition little bit more interesting.

Every time in between current and new season "goalunited FA" organizes several united tournaments which are separated by strength levels:

Pre-season competitions

  • Pre-Season 85+
  • Pre-Season 70+
  • Pre-Season 55+
  • Pre-Season 0

Pre-season events always have active handicap filter which means that strength of the teams is equalized in order to avoid differences.
Participation in pre-season events is FREE and automatic which means that all clubs participate in season break events, and it's not possible to cancel participation.
This however won't have any negative effect on your team as the same rules apply like in regular united matches.

Elite League A and B

In these two competitions only top 40 strongest clubs in goalunited community are competing against each other (38 matches) in a league type competition.
After the final ranking has been decided, top 5 from Elite League A and top 5 from Elite League B will play in a final competition (Elite League Final) which starts in the middle of the new season.
Bear in mind that you can also be part of this competition in our seasonal global community forum event and win some great rewards.

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