Top Teams

Top Team matches are a real treat in goalunited.

From time to time we give you the opportunity to play against real teams and some teams of our own. A few examples until now were the opportunity to play against Barca or Arsenal London, or against the national teams from Germany or France. The teams are made up by the real players, and play the tactics they are known for.

Top Teams are always available for a short time, and during this time you can play as many times as you want. The first win against each team earns you a unique trophy, that after that shows the number of wins against this team. 

Wins against the top teams are not only fun though. Even though the matches are United Matches, they usually give your team a nice little bonus. This could be an experience bonus for your players, a motivation boost for a staff member, or many other things.

And even if you are just beginning, all top teams are beatable. If you put your best team and your best strategy up, you will have a chance!

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