Half time directions

It is sometimes hard to estimate how a match will go, without knowing the formation and settings of cour opponent. And of course, there is always a lot of luck involved as well.

There is only one way to affect the course of a match after it started, and that is by playing a half-time direction trading card. Those cards will change your "tactic" in the second half of the match. This can be the perfect way to turn around a losing match.

The following half-time cards are available:

  • Encourage card (common) increase team effort by 25% (up to max 150%)
  • Encourage (uncommon) increases team effort by 50% (up to max 150%)
  • Take it slow (common) reduces energy consumption by 50%.

  • Full attack (rare) instructs the team to create more chances, but the risk for counter-attacks is greater.
  • Full defence (uncommon) instructs the team to create a full defensive block, opponent chances go down but yours as well.
  • Play for free kicks (rare) instructs your team to get more free kicks, risk for yellow cards is higher.

  • Get penalties (ultra-rare): Your team tries to get a penalty, the yellow cards risk is high.

Half-time directions can be played in any match type. You can save a card at the time you set the formation, or you can place it right into the live ticker up until 50 minutes after kick-off. (And of course, you can change or remove the card added at any time until 50 minutes after kick-off.)

Here is how you can play an action card in the lineup:

Here is how to add an action card in live ticker:

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