Scratch cards

Scratch cards are great way to obtain some amazing rewards and benefits for your club.
Every day you will receive one free scratch card for each of your clubs (if you have more than 1 club).

For start it is firstly important to have built Level 1 "Fair" building in your stadium complex, just then Scratch cards feature will become unlocked.

To access "Scratch cards" from the main menu select Cards -> Scratch cards.

Scratch cards overview

With "scratch cards" you can win anything from 1.000€ of in game money, GU STARS, different cards, player skill upgrades or main reward which is a player on loan.

Weekly Tombola

Every week you have a chance to win Elite Loan player through the tombola draw that takes place once every week. 

In order to participate in this raffle you should use at least one scratch card, of course more scratch cards that you have used, bigger the chances for the main prize you will have.

There is no limitation on usage of scratch cards, you can have as many as you want.

Note: Please bear in mind that you should redeem rewards received from your free daily scratch card in order to get your free new scratch card on the next day.

Fair (luxury) level 2 will increase your chances by 25% for the top prize which is standard player on loan, but this is not in any way a guarantee for the top prize.

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