Hodnocení manažera

The manager ranking is the place to see how you compare to other managers from your league and in the whole world. You can access the manager ranking page from the career menu.

On the right you can select a specific country, otherwise you will see the global overview. To see the list by club name, simply select the option on your bottom.

You can see the ranking of your own team on the bottom, and the little arrow on the right side lets you jump straight to your spot in the list to get a closer look. You can also see your tendency.

There are 4 different rankings available:

  • The standard ranking looks equally at the team's strength (best 11) and the career level. The league position also plays a small role.
  • The league ranking mainly looks at your position in the league. Career level and team strength are slightly taken into consideration also.
  • The Best 11 ranking mostly looks at your team's strengh. In a draw the career levels are compared.
  • The career level ranking looks at the career points of each club.

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