Building and repairing buildings

To open and build in your stadium complex you can either use the menu and go to club -> Stadium, or you can just click on the picture of your stadium on the home page.

Each of your buildings or stadium sections is clickable, allowing you to build from the opening window.

Here you see all buildings from the selected category that are currently available to you. Simply select the desired building and confirm the construction.

You can also take down a building by selecting a lower-level building. This can make sense to save some money, as bigger buildings usually cost more maintenance. Once you have purchased a building, it will stay available to you. When you construct the building again at a later time, you only have to pay the maintenance fee for the ongoing week.

The menu on the left lets you navigate further. The first three buttons open the building menu, the building queue and the building overview.

The next 3 buttons let you zoom in and out.

The smiliey-button turns the status symbols on and off. Those are very useful to see the condition of your buildings.

The last button lets you take a screenshot of your stadium complex. That screenshot is shown on your contact page.



The building queue 

Open the building queue to see your current construction projects.

You can see the total construction or repair time, and the time the construction is completed. With the arrows on the right you can change the construction order.


With a premium account all construction and repair projects are completed in half the usual time!

You can place up to 5 projects into the construction queue.


To speed up construction you can hire additional workers and instantly cut the construction time of your current project in half. You can use as many workers as you like.

Hint: If you want to cut the construction time of another project in half, you can simply click on the construction project, and then use a worker. Pay close attention when using your workers, selected project from the construction queue will always be highlighted in a yellow colour.



Buildings deteriorate over time. It is important to keep buildings repaired, or they will lose some of their benefits. (For example, if you stadium ranks are in bad shape, they hold less spectators.)


To repair a building simply click the green tool button on the right. Buildings can be repaired as soon as they deteriorate to under 80% condition.

Repairing a building is free, but it takes just as long as the initial construction.

Note: If you have Facility Manager hired you don't need to manually repair your buildings.

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