Parking and public transportation

Parking building

A big stadium is not enough. You have to make sure that your fans can get to the stadium. If you do not provide parking or public transportation your stadium will remain empty!

You should also pay attention to the condition of your parking lot and public transportation buildings. When the condition goes down, so does the capacity.

Public transport

Expanding your buildings increases the capacity. The higher you advance in your manager career, the more buildings become available!


Building details (Parking lot):

NameLevelCost STARS/MoneyEffectCareer level requirement
Small Parking lot130.000 IGM3000 spectators5
Medium Parking lot2420.000 IGM5200 spectators9
Medium Parking lot (Luxury)2210.000 IGM + 300 STARS
5200 spectators, Reputation +1
Big Parking lot3980.000 IGM15.800 spectators23
Big Parking lot (Luxury)3490.000 IGM + 680 STARS15.800 spectators, Reputation +1
Parking garage42.500.000 IGM
Parking garage (Luxury)41.250.000 IGM + 1850 STARS34.000 spectators, Reputation +141
Big parking garage56.200.000 IGM60.800 spectators54
Big parking garage (Luxury)53.100.000 IGM +3500 STARS63.840 spectators, Reputation +152


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