Real football fans need something to eat when they get to the stadium. This offers an excellent way to improve your income.

DinerIn every home match you play your fans spend money in your restaurants. The more you expand you gastronomy, the more fans will be able to be served, and the more money they will spend.

Always have an eye on the condition of your buildings. As the condition of a gastronomy building goes down, the capacity does the same, so don't forget to repair it regularly.

The higher you advance in your manager career, the more buildings become available!

Hint: There are several stadium upgrades for gastronomy which can furthermore boost your income:

  • Gastronomy plus brings additional revenues. Up to 15.000 fans will spend up to 3.50€
  • King of Currywurst guarantees 10% more fans in your gastronomy, and they will pay 1€ more.

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