Your account settings

Personal data

DataWhen you create your accout all you need is a valid E-Mail. To add more information go to home -> pers. data. Here you can enter more information about yourself, and you can decide if that info is shown to other managers.

You can also change your password right here! Make sure that you always have a valid E-Mail added here, or you might lose access to your account. Also change your E-Mail if you think someone might have gained access!

Change password

To change your account password select the manage account tab here. Choose your password well to keep others from accessing your account. It is not allowed to share the password with anyone.

If you have lost your password, you can reset your password from the login page. Simply click on reset password right where you would usually enter your login data.

You can also unsubscribe from the TravianGames newsletter here.

General account settings


Go to home -> settings to access your general account settings. In the graphics tab you can enable/disable advanced graphics settings. You can also change the bandwidth settings (and run a bandwidth check for your internet connection.)

Message settings

In the messages tab you can set up what to get ingame messages for.

  • You can close your guest book to disable other managers from leaving messages here
  • You can set if you want to receive an ingame message when you are challenged to a friendly or training match (automatically enabled)
  • You can set if you want to receive messages about invitations to United events and updates about your events as IGMs. 

Mentor settings

In the mentor tab you can disable mentor hints. We do not recommend this however. The mentor gives you valuable information that you might otherwise overlook.

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