Common technical issues and solutions

Here you can find the solution to some of the most common technical issues and what to do if the solutions don't help you:

  • Any display, login or speed issue

    Almost all issues that happen during the game are caused by the browser. This is one of the drawbacks of Flash games. The first things you should do when you have just about any issue are:
    1. Log in new (Use F5 to reload the page, do not use the logout button. With this you reload the client and most issues should be solved)
    2. Clear your browser cache

    … with Firefox:
    Click the Firefox menu in the top left corner. Next, select the right arrow next to History >, and click Clear Recent History. Or, you can press Ctrl-Shift-Delete to open the recent history window.
    Select 'Cache'. Make sure 'Details' is expanded, then select Cache from the list. Uncheck everything else.

    … with Internet Explorer:
    Click the menu button "Extras" (or Alt + X) and select "internet options". At the point "browser history" select the button "delete". Confirm and your browser cache is cleared. 

    … with Opera:
    Select the "Settings" menu and click "delete private data".
    Click the details button. Check "delete cookies". Make sure to remove the checkmarks to keep things like your passwords saved.

    … with Chrome:
    select the Wrench icon (the settings menu, located in the upper-right corner). Then, click "Tools", and "Clear Browsing Data". You can also access the Delete Browsing History window by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Delete, or clicking on this link: [chrome://settings/clearBrowserData].
    Select the Empty the cache check-box. Uncheck everything else to avoid deleting data unintentional

  • Game is very slow

    Sometimes it happens that the browser reacts very slowly during the game. This can be caused by server issues, but most likely it is caused by a browser issue.

    The first thing you should do is to look if there are any updated available for your browser, upgrade to the newest Flash version (download here) and to get your virus scanner up-to-date.

    To check if your virusscanner is causing the issues, you can also deactivate your virus scanner and restart your browser to check if that works. (But don't forget to activate it again!)

    This issue does not seem to happen with the browser Chrome (We are in no way connected to google). Maybe this might help you in the short run.

  •  How to make a screenshot

    To explain/show your issue best it is a good idea to make a screenstot. Making a screenshot is very simple. Make sure the problem is visible on your screen right now, then click the "print" button on your keyboard. This acts just like (ctrl+ c) for text. Then open the tool "paint" (or any picture editing program). Now simply use "ctrl + v" to add the screenshot to the too. Now you can cut out the relevant part, remove things you don't want seen, or just save the picture as it is.

  • How to report a bug 

    Please make sure that you tried the steps above before reporting a bug. To report a bug go to the bug forum. (You reach that by clicking one of the green questionmarks in the game to open the help system, then select "report a problem". Please take a look at the reported bugs first, as the bug you experience might have already been reported. You can also find a list or reported problems here
    Please make sure you report the bug in detail. Something like "the game does not work" will not be enough to help you. It is also a good idea to include a screenshot.

  •  How to send a support ticket 

    There are two ways to send a support ticket. When you are logged into the game, click on one of the blue questionsmarks in the game to open the help system. Then click on "contact the support". Or you can use this link to open the help system.

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