Restarting your account

There is currently no option to restart your account as it is. The only option you have is to delete your account and create a new account. When you delete your old account you will also receive a voucher for any STARS you have in your account, so you will be able to use them in your new account. The voucher will only work if you create an account with the same E-Mail address!

It takes up to 48 hours until an account is fully deleted (,the earliest is the next nightly update). This means that you will have to wait until then to register a new account with the same E-Mail adresse. You can of course use a different E-Mail to sign up and change it later once the other account is fully deleted.

Careful: If you have STARS or a premium account in your account you have to wait 7 days to have your account deteled. If you have purchased GU STARS in the last week, you have to wait 14 days. This is done for your protection, to prevent intruders from irreversably deleting an account.

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