Hiring staff


There are a lot of potential staff members out there, finding the right one for you is the key here. 
You can see all of the current applicants in one list. Every day a new application comes in, what kind of staff member applies is random though. Each applicant waits for an answer for 10 days, after that his application is withdrawn. By clicking on an application you can see all the details you may be interested in.


The quality of the applicants that apply depends on the league layer you play in. The higher you play, the better the applicants. If the applicants in the list do not fit your expectations, you can always post a job ad; you will then receive applications that exactly fit your expectations.

Job ads

If you are looking for a specific staff member with specific skills, you can send out an employment ad. In the ad you specify what kind of staff member you are looking for, and you set the minimum qualification you want from the applicants. An ad runs for 7 days and usually brings in one application for day.

The price for an ad is different for the different positions, and rises with higher qualification. The prices for the ads might seem a bit high at first, but ads have 2 advantages. Without an ad you might not receive any applications with the desired qualification because of your league layer. And, with the higher number of applicants you have more room to negotiate and might end up paying a lower salary.

Staff upgrades

Besides regular staff employees you can also have staff upgrades. They are unique type of employees that provide different advantages for your club. Staff upgrades don't have salary and they are always highly motivated. 


The salary the applicants demand is not final. You can negotiate much lower salaries, but you always risk that the applicant withdraws his application.


You have the option to negotiate normal or aggressively. With aggressive negotiations you can lower the salary by more, but the chance of losing the applicant is also higher.

Careful: One failed negotiation will lead to the application being withdrawn.

In combination with job ads you can receive great results. You might spend quite a bit of money for the ad, but you can lower the salary immensely if you have a lot of applicants to choose from.

Hiring and rejecting

To hire an applicant simply hit the 'shaking hands' button. If you already have an employee for this job, the old employee is automatically released, and you have to pay the new employee's first weekly salary right away.

Applications stay in your list for 10 days, then they are automatically withdrawn. To make room for more applications or to simply remove an application from the list, hit the 'X' button.

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