Staff skills

To figure out how good an applicant is you should take a look at his skills; his qualification, experience and motivation. Those three numbers decide the efficiency of the staff member.



The Qualification of any staff member is the main factor for the efficiency. The maximum qualification level is 100. You can send your staff members for further training to raise their qualification.


Some of your staff members slowly gain experience while doing their jobs. Staff training also gives some experience. A person's experience is important, but by far not as important as the qualification. The maximum level of experience is 100.

Here is a brief overview of the actions for which the experience of the personnel rises:


The motivation of your employees drops continuously. The maximum motivation for a staff member is 100, and only then does he work up to his full potential.
The rate with which the motivation decreases depends on your team's success. The more matches you lose, the faster the motivation goes down.

An employee's motivation can be increased by staff training, or by offering a higher salary.


The efficiency is the (invisible) value that determines the strength of the employee at the moment. The value is calculated like this:
Efficiency = 0.9 * Skill * Motivation / 100 + (Experience / 8)

As you can see from the formula, it is very important to not let the motivation drop too far, as it greatly affects the efficiency. 

The maximum possible efficiency is 100. This means even if the employee has a higher value due to his experience a value of 100 is used.


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