Player contracts

Player Contracts

Players are bound to your team by contracts.

Balancing the salary expenses is an important part of your financial management. The salary is set at the moment the contract is signed, and it's fixed until the expiration of the contract. The player's demand is bound to three factors:

  • His market value: the higher the value, the higher the salary
  • The contract's duration: the longer, the lower the salary
  • The player's experience: The more experience, the higher the salary

The formula to calculate the salary is as follows:

Salary = Market value / 150 * Contract Duration Factor * (0,9 + (Experience / 500))

The Contract duration factors are as follows:

Contract duration
40-week contract (Long Term commitment card)
24-week contract
18-week contract
12-week contract

When a player is sold, the sales value is highly related to the current contract status of the player. There are three different cases:

  • During the first 4 weeks of the contract - A fee of 50% of the market value is charged
  • Between the first 4 weeks and the last 4 weeks of the contract. - A  fee of 25% is charged
  • During the last 4 weeks of his contract (or after its expiration). - No fee is charged
  • Players with a 40-week contract can only be sold with a 50% penalty until 4 weeks before the contract expires.


You can see the contract status by the colour of the player's value in his details (red: -50%; yellow: -25%; white: no fee).

Alternatively, you can check the icon near the player's SV, in his details: you will see a blue info icon if there are no fees to pay when selling the player, otherwise you will see a red icon.

Plan carefully how to distribute long and short contracts among your players. Players with high potential, which are important for the future of your team, should be bound to the club with long contracts. Players you plan to sell rather soon should receive shorter contracts. Selling a player with an expiring contract might be the choice over renewing the contract if he requires too much money for your finances.

Newly purchased players join the team and automatically receive a 12-week contract that can be extended right away. 

Youth players

Youth players that are promoted to the professional team automatically sign an 18-week contract.

The salary for your promoted youth players is reduced significantly.

The formula is as follows:

Salary = Strength when joining team * 1000

Loan and Top talent players

There are two types of contracts for loan players, standard loan players which just joined your team will receive an 18-week contract while the "Elite loan players" receive 24-week contracts.

It's not possible to extend the contract duration for players on loan, once their contract has expired they leave your club permanently.
The market value of players on loan and top talent players is always 1€. After the first contract of top talent players expires the player will have normal sales value.

Contract renewal

2 weeks after its expiration date the player's contract is automatically renewed with an 18-week contract. Due to training and experience gained the new salary can be significantly higher than before!


To manually renew a contract, go to "Team" -> "Players", then select a player from the list in the team overview. At the bottom right of the screen click on the "Contract" button. It will open a window with all the economic information of the player:

  • Current contract: Details about the current contract
  • Contract expiration date: you have 14 days after the expiration to manually renew the contract, after 14 days it is automatically renewed
  • Salary: shows the current salary, and - in the parentheses - the salary he would get with a new 18-week contract
  • Sales value: the value of the player after the deduction of all fees
  • Duration: here you can set the contract duration you like (in weeks)
  • New salary: The salary he will get signing the chosen contract

Select the new contract, then confirm your choice.


It is always possible to renew the contract during the last 4 weeks of the current contract. Before that, it is only possible to renew if the new contract has a longer duration than what is currently remaining.

Long-term contract

With a "Long-term commitment" trading card you can bound your players for many seasons, signing contracts of 40 weeks. To use this card go to "Team" -> "Players". Select a player and click the "Play card" button at the bottom right of the screen. Then drag the "Long-time commitment" card from your deck into the card slot on the right, and confirm the operation. (To play the contract duration card the last contract negotiation has to be at least a week ago unless it is a new player of course.)

Players with a long-term contract are shown with a parchment icon next to the remaining weeks of the contract, in the team overview.



This contract is especially good for players that will experience a big market value increase, like your promoted youth players.

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