The Endurance is a variable value for each player on your team. It can fluctuate greatly. But in any case, it can be said, the higher it is, the better.

The player's maximum efficiency is influenced by his endurance. The longer the match lasts the more the efficiency decreases. The higher the endurance level, the smaller the efficiency loss.

Also, players use more energy if they play with very low endurance. (An endurance level of >90 is ideal for a match. A player with an endurance level of 5 will use 33% more energy than a player with an endurance level of 90.)

Influencing your player's endurance

To raise the endurance to a high level or to keep it on a high level, it must be improved regularly. There are a few ways to positively influence your endurance:

  • Give your players regular endurance training. Each unit of endurance training affects the player's endurance level positively. You will not see a jump in endurance after regular training, as the endurance level is always calculated from all endurance-affecting factors that took place during the last few weeks. But over time the effect is easily seen.
  • You should hire a fitness coach to positively influence your player's endurance. He will increase the effect of the endurance training and lower the amount of influencing factors needed to achieve a high level. The better the coach, the better the effect.
  • To get an instant boost of your player's endurance, you can play an endurance trading card. The card will improve the endurance of all of your players by 2, 4 or 6 (depending on the rarity of the card). The good thing about the trading cards is that you don't lose out on training sessions because of it. 
  • It is harder to keep a high endurance level up than it is to improve a low level!
  • For each victory against Top Team "SilverStars", your 2 field players will receive +1 for the endurance (each). This is possible max. 25 times per season.


An endurance level of 80 or higher is reckoned as a good value and it will quite some attention to be reached or kept.
An endurance level of 50 is about average and is relatively easy to reach.
An endurance level lower than 20 is considered bad and this means you should really focus on this issue, or you will lose a lot of matches due to late goals.

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