Bronze League

This is a secondary top competition (GU BL) organized by goalunited FA, competition includes 2nd and 3rd placed clubs from the top 44 National Division 1 leagues.

The qualified teams come from two pots, where 1 pot has 2 qualified teams (2nd and 3rd place) from each league and 1 pot has 1 qualified team (2nd place) from each league:

Qualified leagues Pot 1: 

2nd and 3rd place in League 1

For top-ranked leagues from Global ranking 1 to 20.

Total 40 qualified teams.

Qualified leagues Pot 2:

Only 2nd placed from League 1

For the leagues from a Global ranking from 21 to 44.

Total of 24 qualified teams

In red colour Qualified leagues pot 1, and in yellow colour Qualified leagues pot 2 decided after 11th league match of the previous season.

Grand total of 64 qualified teams.

Global ranking of nations, layer 1 Strength type 15 decides the ranking. Record taken after the 11th league match in each new season will be considered for the creation of this competition.


The Bronze League is played in a tournament-style united competition where 64 teams are randomly drawn into groups of 4.

Each team in the group phase plays 3 home and 3 away matches (a total of 6).

After the group phase top 2 from each group advance to the knockout phase.


All matches are played in united competitions, this means there is no negative effect on players, injuries are reset after matches, and yellow and red cards are not counted.
There are no financial rewards from stadium or gastronomy.


Group winners after 6 matches and 2nd placed receive 700 GU STARS each while 3rd and 4th receive 350 GU STARS each.

Each knockout phase pays the same number of STARS to the winner and losing team after 2 played matches.

The winner receives 1000 GU STARS

The losing team receives 500 GU STARS

Champion of GU Bronze League will receive 15.000 GU STARS + Special Trophy

The losing finalist receives 7500 GU STARS.


GU Bronze League qualified team can replace GU:ECL qualifier in case that manager has two GU:ECL qualified clubs. This means that 2nd placed in such case in some of leagues can qualify for GU ECL and their spot in GU Bronze League will go to the champion of that league.


One manager can only have 1 club participating in GU Bronze League.

If the manager has multiple clubs who qualified from different leagues, the manager is obligated to choose the club that is participating.

In such a case, an empty spot created by this will be handed to the club that is next in line in that league division (3rd or 4th placed).

There can be only one replacement if the original qualified team does not respond on time.

The handicap is not activated.


All invitations for GU Bronze League are sent from account adm_muris (Capricornus FC). The manager is obligated to join with the correct club which rightfully previously qualified. In case the manager doesn't follow the rules he may be kicked out or will be forced to play with the wrongfully selected club.

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