National Cup

During each season there is also the national cup. In this cup, all of the teams from one layer are playing against each other in a cup with a knock-out system. (One cup per country)
The clubs from layers 1-6 play together in one cup. To open your national cup overview go to your official match menu and select the cup tab.


The cup for layers 1-6 has up to 16380 teams participating, for a total of 14 match days.
In layers 7 and below there are separate cup competitions.
There is usually one cup match per week, with two weeks having two matches each.

There are always a few teams that receive a "bye" in the first cup round. They advance to the second round automatically.

Advancing far into the national cup has a lot of benefits. All ticket revenue is split between the teams, so you can achieve significant earnings. Your players will also receive 0.6 experience points per match which are 1.5 times more than in a regular league match.

You can also earn Achievements by advancing far.

You can also get a reward for top scorer if your player manages to score most goals in the cup.

To access the top scorer's list, in the National Cup screen click on the button with a cannon symbol on the left side.

The Cup Final: There is no Spectator income in the Cup Final. Instead, the Cup Winner receives 7.000.000€  prize, while the losing finalist receives 3.000.000€

Important: The Cup Final match is played on neutral ground, therefore home and away bonuses from special decoration buildings (such as Moai buildings) do not count.


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