To delete your goalunited account and personal data, login in and go to home -> personal data. Then select the tab "manage account".

You will receive an E-Mail to the registered E-Mail adresse. In this E-Mail you will find a link to confirm the deletion.

It will take up to 48 hours until the account is deleted if you don't have STARS or a premium account.

If you have STARS in your account you will receive a voucher code with which you can transfer the stars to another account. However, to prevent intruders to be able to delete an account we have added a waiting period. Accounts with premium account or Stars have a 7 day waiting period, and if you have just purchased GU-STARS within the last week, the waiting period is extended to 2 weeks. 
Once the account is deleted you will receive an E-Mail with a voucher code. If you decide to create a new account with the same E-Mail address, you can use the voucher code to receive credit for the remaining GU STARS and premium account days.  

Careful: After you have confirmed the deletion of your account it is not possible to undo the action!